the One Game, a YA Sci Fi Adventure

Book 1 of the Game of Paradise series. Published November 1, 2022.

First Place Winner of the Firebird Book Award: Young Adult Science Fiction (2024)

The AI promised harmony. A glitch whispers rebellion. A young coder unearths a digital anomaly poised to tear apart her reality.

Seventeen-year-old Rayne takes pride in the vivid virtual realities she codes. And with society finally emerging from environmental catastrophe, she relishes knowing her creations play a pivotal role in the vital artificial intelligence the world uses for guidance. But when her own Game tries to kill her, the young techie fears she’s triggered an unstoppable horror that will destroy the entire globe.

Teaming up with fellow programmers, she digs into the system to uncover the fatal flaw. But when the computer genius suspects the patch is deadlier than the bug, she stumbles into a conspiracy that could see her permanently deleted.

Evoking the thrill of Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One” and the sci-fi dystopia of James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner,” “The One Game” is the first electrifying book in the award-winning post-apocalyptic young adult series, Game of Paradise.

The One Exiled, a YA Sci Fi Adventure

Book 2 of the Game of Paradise series. Published November 15, 2023.

Yesterday, she was a savior. Today, she is an outcast.

Rayne and her friends have just averted a disaster, stopping a shadow AI from wreaking havoc on their world. However, their relief is short-lived.

In the aftermath, Rayne and her boyfriend, Vic, are blamed for the chaos. As punishment, their Threads—their lifeblood and sole connection to the virtual Games they create—are severed, and Rayne and Vic are exiled, on the run… alone.

To add to their woes, the neighboring community falls victim to a ruthless assault by the Settler rebels—a radical anti-tech group dedicated to annihilating the AI that safeguards their world. Now, Rayne and her friends must find the Settlers, uncover their plans, and prevent them from striking again—because this time the Settlers’ target is Rayne’s own home, and everyone she holds dear.

Her only hope lies in surviving long enough to track down Freya’s Path, a legendary faction of coders, and persuading them to join her cause. But time is running out. In this race, the only prize for second place is certain, lonely death… as The One Exiled.