Praise for The One Game, A YA Sci-Fi Adventure…

Fantastic read

“A fantastic read! I could not put this book down! This super exciting book develops a world that you can actually feel yourself in while you are reading. You are rooting for Rayne and meet so many interesting characters along her journey. Loved this book and can’t wait for #2. Highly recommend.”


Amazon reviewer

A Fascinating Premise

“This book had me hooked—a fascinating premise, an intriguing world, and an interesting protagonist. Recommend for people who like hacking, dystopian YA, and a fresh take on the AI debate, all handled through a thoughtful story that kept me guessing right till the end.”


Fantasy author

Full of surprises

“My young teen and I thoroughly enjoyed The One Game and recommend it for sci fi lovers. The world-building is sumptuous and vibrant. We connected to the heroine, Rayne, and enjoyed riding along as she adventured through real and virtual worlds. Smart, taut, and full of surprises – there’s still more to solve and we are looking forward to book 2.”


Amazon reviewer

wildly rich world

“Jennifer has created a wildly rich world, filled with political intrigue and ambiguous choices. The story is much deeper than you might expect from YA. If you enjoyed Ready Player One, you’ll like this story too.”


Science fiction author

Lots of Adventure

“Couldn’t put it down! What an interesting concept—human life after devastation, with ‘health-affirming’ implants helping each person live peacefully on their new safe designated space. Lots of adventure; interesting characters.”


Goodreads reviewer

Gripping stuff

The writing style is economical and punchy and the themes are bang-on relevant for the issues we face now. Will we harness AI to help us prevent climate disaster, or will it prove too powerful for us?”


Amazon reviewer